Interesting Activity Ideas for Families

Spending time with the family is very important in today’s hectic life. This time, spent happily in the company of people you love, acts as one of the best stress busters. This time is really necessary in today’s fast-paced life, where keeping in touch regularly with your entire family is seldom a job not done. Quality communication with our family members is also decreasing drastically. The different ideas mentioned in this article will give you a chance to enjoy some great time with your loved ones.

Unique Games
A riverside trip, with a small picnic that calls for the entire family to be together, is a great way to catch up. What’s even better, are the several games you can play as a family. Keep board games for your time indoors; instead, indulge in a game of Frisbee, play stickball or hopscotch, and learn/teach to fly kites.

Something to Learn …
If you don’t have a day’s time, you can visit the nearby zoo and spend some quality time with your children. Museums are another great option, specially if you have children old enough to understand the items on display. Museum visits are

Family Fun Night Ideas

The hectic lifestyles we lead these days, simply eats away our family time. While the parents are busy working and managing the house, the kids are busy with school work, etc. Planning a family night, has become a necessity today. It’s a day when family members make sure they find time to spend as a family. To make the night interesting, games and different activities can be incorporated. Let’s take a look at the different ways one can spend a family night.

Dinner Time = Fun Time
The family dinner can be a lovely place to start. Prepare a lovely, exotic meal, preferably a cuisine you’ve never tried before. To make things even more interesting, make little costumes for the kids, and ask them to come dressed for dinner. Read about the history of the cuisine, and some fun facts about it, and share the information over dinner. This will even help improve their general knowledge.

Game Fun
There are scores of different board games you can play as a family. While Scrabble helps build vocabulary, Pictionary helps improve creativity. Uno is also a fun card game that your family can play. Remember, games help increase interaction, and even help

How to Deal with Your Child’s Privacy

As a parent, you might struggle with your child’s privacy. While cleaning his room, the temptation to look at a crumpled stack of papers on the desk, flip through an unlocked diary, or poke around the closet can be too strong to resist. And what do you do if you actually find something? Will you destroy your child’s trust if you admit to an invasion of privacy? These are tough questions.

I believe it is important to respect a child’s right to privacy but only up to a point. Your child’s safety should always remain the primary issue and concern. Thus, you need to be educated about the signs of substance and physical abuse, depression, etc. These include marked changes in behavior or mood, uneven sleeping patterns, drastic changes in appetite, etc. As a responsible parent, you must be observant, but not spy on your child at the same time. Spend time alone with your child, this will provide opportunities for your child to share his feelings.

Remember, teens are scared to discuss certain issues with you. They will talk to you about these issues only if they trust you. The same goes for your child. He’ll open up to

But I’m Just a Kid

My seven year old refuses to make her bed. The reason? I’m too young. Who, I demand to know, has told her she’s too young? But the question lingers with no answer, perhaps it was me who encouraged her to loiter in her babyhood for more number of years than necessary. Perhaps, it is her perception of herself that is doing it. Whatever it may be, how healthy is the concept of a prolonged childhood, or an irresponsible manner of growing up, one that entails no duties and expectations from a child, because she is TOO YOUNG???

Many parents believe that smothering a child with love will make loving and caring individuals out of them. How true is that? In my assessment, a child who has seen nothing but all accepting, encompassing love never learns to be responsible for his or her actions. He or she grows up being forgiven and accepted for everything they do… now how healthy is that?

Of course, severely admonishing or frightening toddlers is also out, but then, at what stage in childhood should children be made to understand that they are no more babies, and that they are on

Communication Problems in Families

For anyone to say that they’ve never seen family problems would seem a tad unbelievable. There isn’t a family that hasn’t seen issues of some sort at some point or the other. The biggest cause for misunderstandings is communication issues among families. The unfortunate part is that one little misunderstanding can cause bitterness for a long time to come. But at the end of the day, the scenario with relationships isn’t quite as volatile as it may turn with the family. In case of a family, it is of extreme importance that the issues get handled with care, especially because if not handled in the right manner they could turn into dysfunctional families for a long time to come after that. It also isn’t uncommon to see that a lot of these problems often stem from strained relations between the adults of the house, in the first place. So, how should these communication problems within families be fixed? Take a look.

Communication Problems in the Family

Problems do not erupt out of nothing. They most often are a result of egos and sometimes of denial. Some of the most common factors that lead to communication issues among families are:

Lack of

Family Relationships

Every now and then you need quotes like these to remind you of the value your family holds in your life. Though family relationships are based on the strongest bond you could probably forge, they are equally sensitive. The bond of parents with children, of children with their siblings, among extended family, are all important relationships that need to be nurtured with time and effort. It is this lack of time and effort that sometimes results in minor or major problems within the family. The meaning of family gets altered, the strong bond weakens, and if not taken care of, withers away into nothingness. Here, we try and understand this sensitive bond, the problems it endures, and ways of strengthening family relationships.

Taking Each Other for Granted

The great gift of family life is to be intimately acquainted with people you might never even introduce yourself to, had life not done it for you. – Kendall Hailey

The biggest problem that affects family relationships is the fact that they are taken for granted. ‘She is my mother, so she will cook for me’, ‘He is my father, so he will pay for me’, ‘He is my brother, so he will stick

How to Make Bubbles for Kids

Blowing bubbles is a fascination for every child. The inherent joy of seeing those bubbles rising in the air and filling the atmosphere is a treat to watch. Kids simply love it, and even adults won’t deny the fact that it is a real fun experience. However, parents often complain about the money their kids waste in blowing bubbles. Here’s how you can be frugal and yet creative, if you just give some thought to it.

How to Make Bubbles for Kids
You can use soap and detergents for this purpose.

With Soap Solution
Soap and detergents are an integral part of our household products. Kids would surely love the idea of making soap bubbles at home. Making bubbles with dish soap or shampoo is an interesting thing to learn. The steps have been mentioned below.
Select a container, in which you’ll prepare the soap solution. Ensure that the container has a lid.
Get some dish soap or shampoo.
Next, fill the container with water, and add some amount of dish soap or shampoo to it.
Stir this mixture, and tightly seal the container.
Before shaking the container vigorously, ensure that the lid is tightly closed.
Search for some wire,

Watercolor Techniques for Kids

“Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.”, was what Pablo Picasso had said about colors. Come to think of it, it is true, otherwise why would we associate green with envy or white with peace? Colors are an imperative part of our lives and this universe. Imagine if there were no colors, would a rose would have been a rose and a kingfisher without its striking blue have been the same? Great Painters have created magic with their colors and enthralled the world. Painting and drawing attributes a prime importance to colors. The amateurs normally start off with simple watercolor techniques and then graduate to advanced ones.

Easy Watercolor Techniques for Kids
Wet on Wet Technique:
Take a large piece of white paper and fold it into half. Leave one of the halves half dry and wet the other with a brush. Now, the children can experiment and play around with colors and see how the effect is different on both the halves. A dryer brush can also be used on both wet and dry sides of the paper. This is one of the best watercolor techniques to start off with.
Light Wash:
When you get a

Things To Do Before Spring

If you live in a northern climate where the winters are snow covered and barren, you may be hoping that spring is right around the corner. You’re not alone. Thankfully you can help alleviate the dreary feeling of winter, by getting a head start on your planning.

Get Outside
Even though winter is still with us, and will be for a few more weeks, warm days may still be in the forecast for your area. Many places have warm days towards the end of February and the beginning of March, so take advantage of them. There is nothing like a brisk walk to lift your spirits. So, put on your boots, grab your gloves along with a warm sweatshirt, and head out to your favorite trail. Don’t live in a rural area, where trails are readily available? Drive down to your nearest town center, and hit the sidewalks. Grab yourself a coffee or hot chocolate, and window shop. Sometimes just getting out of the house can help put us in a better mood, so don’t let winter keep you inside. Go out and explore.

Plan Your Summer Vacation
One of the great things about spring is that summer is just

Family Games Can Help Ease Tensions

Psychologists have long studied ways to enhance family harmony and interrelations. Some of the most widely suggested therapies to increase harmony between family members, are to develop good communications, be honest and approachable, and enter into every relationship with openness and a pleasant demeanor.

All three of those suggestions can easily be combined into one simple enjoyable family therapy session with a good game. For young children, board games are an excellent way to develop positive thinking skills, creative competition, and healthy attitudes toward winning and losing. Whether playing sports or a board game, everyone involved wants to win, and parents should encourage and teach their children, the ways of winning. But it is equally important for family members to learn to lose gracefully. In every game there is at least one winner, but there is also one loser.

The psychology lab at North Carolina State University recruited a group of families to take part in a study of family relations, playing a game called Life Stories. “Every family has issues, so we asked them to engage and talk about some of the issues that matter to them,” said Dr. Amy Halberstadt, an associate professor at N.C. State. Halberstadt wanted